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Disclaimer / Terms of Use

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Coming Soon -Advanced Imi’loa o Te Moana

Coming SoonAdvanced Imi’loa o Te Moana Program for children K-12 and College students. Imi’loa o Te Moana: Explorers of the Ocean. We prefer for parents to join in and interact, whether it be observing, supporting, and laughing. WE LIKE LAUGHING.

The ocean marine project will provide children to be open and learn value, culture, socializing, computer interaction with hawaiian outdoor traditions and lots of guided hands-on activities. They will help preserve, restore, and conserve their direct environment. It will educate them about the ma kalae (marine coast) and it’s relation to the ‘aina (land) and their lives. They will be doing something they can’t do anywhere else in the world, and something that they can apply in your own homes. Be Proud of Your Children, Let Them Be Proud of Their Extraordinary Accomplishments. 

‘Ohana Rules. Haha

Never Judge A Day By The Weather.

The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things.
Tell the Truth, There’s Less to Remember.
Speak Softly and Wear a Loud Shirt.
Goals Are Deceptive – The Unaimed Arrow Never Misses.
Age is Relative – When You’re Over the Hill. You Pick Up Speed.
There Are 2 Ways To Be Rich – Make More or Desire Less.
Beauty is Internal –  Looks Mean Nothing.
No Rain –  No Rainbows.

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