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Palikai Prices and Fees

Kaulana Palikai Charters of Napali Kai, Kauai

Compare our charter prices

Price Accomodations on board include: Lunch and drinks, snorkel equipment, floatation devices, fresh water shower,  private restroom, amenities, and easy boat access ladder.

Limited to 6 passangers for your safety and comfort.
( Certified for 12 passangers)
Personable guided captain

$179 :  The Na Pali Kai Kauwela Adventure Tour 

Individual Person
Shared guided tour
Incredible snorkeling experience
Season: Sweet Summer
Departure: Morning and Afternoon
Max 5 Hours
Weather Permitting

$1014 : The  Kaulana Pali Kai Private Charter   

Single Private Charter Reservation for a party 1-6pp
Custom Tour-locations stops, longer at specific location, varies
Departure times vary from 7am-1pm
Max 5 Hours


$169 : The Hoʻoilo Kohola Tour

Individual Person
Shared guided tour
Season: Whale Watch 
Departure: Morning and Afternoon
Max 4 Hours
Weather Permitting 

$954 : The Moana Private Charter

Single Private Charter Reservation for a party of 1-6pp
 Season: Whale Watch 
Departure: Early Morning
Max 4 Hours
Weather Permitting 

$169 :  The Imiʻloa Kauwela Adventurer

5 -12 years old (with current school ID)
Individual Person
Season: Summer and Whale Watch 
Departure: Morning and Afternoon
Max 5 Hours

$99 : Keiki and Kamaliʻi Child Fee

4 years old
Individual Person
Season: Summer and Whale Watch 
Departure: Morning 
Max 5 Hours

Varies  : Full Day or Specialties 


Varies : Children Marine Programs


Fees: Hawaii Sales Tax 4.712%

Fees: Harbor and Dock Tax 3%


Credit Cards are Held for Verification.

Payments: Cash, Debit or Credit

Major Credit Cards accepted : Visa, Mastercard & American Express

See Boat Terms, Policy and Conditions for more information

Boating Terms, Policy and Conditions

Terms & Policy


  • Not recommended for individuals who have bad backs, neck, knees, and hip replacements.
  • No smoking on vessel.
  • No pregnant women.

Terms and Conditions

All bookings are nonrefundable if cancelled less than 24 hours prior to activity date. Parties of 4 and up require 72 hours advance notice to cancel; 48 hours for parties of 1-2. Service fee of $10.00 per person will be charged to your credit card to cancel a reservation before 24hrs of the tour.  All activities are at your own risk. No liability, expressed or implied, rests with Kaulana Pali Kai LLC or it’s subsidiaries or officers. For your safety, Snorkeling, and all cruises, in part or whole, are weather permitting.

Captain may use his diescretion in choosing alternate sites (without giving prior notice). Photos of passengers may be used on our website or in promotion materials. Due to the nature of these open ocean excursions, we cannot take pregnant women, those with serious health concerns, a history of spinal injury, or children under the age of 4 on the tours.

Please give us a call at (808) 346-6853 when you arrive on Kauai to reconfirm your cruise.

  • Credit card information is requested to hold and guarantee your reservation.
  • Cancellation Policy: Tours canceled 24 hours prior to the event are nonfundable.
  • Parties of 4 or more require a 50% deposit (nonrefundable within 48 hours of tour.)
  • No shows charged 100%.
  • If Kaulana Pali Kai cancels due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, no charges will be made.
  • If you have any further questions, contact us at (808) 346-6853



When does Summer Tour Start?

KAUWELA – The Endless Subtle Summer Tour (May- Sept). Even on cool breezy days you may burn. Itʻs mostly sunny year round. You will want to pack towels, coverage, sunglasses and sunscreen. Thank goodness, We have and ocean and shade!!!

When is Whale Watching Season?

HO’OILO – Winter Season (Oct-April)

HO’OILO A KOHOLA -WINTER and the WHALES come together and bring groups of researchers, observers and lots of wind and rain. Please be advised that these days are weather permitted for your safety. However, we do go out if there is slight wind and rain…because itʻs winter. We would like for you to enjoy whale watching.

Whats the minimum age to ride on the boat?

Kids age 4 and up can ride on the boat.

Can you smoke on the Boat?

No smoking at anytime on board.

If I have a bad back, or neck can I ride the boat?

No bad backs or necks on the tour. The ocean dose get rough at times and would not be recommended for people who have back or neck problems.

If I am taking any kind of medication should I bring it with me on the tour.

Yes, bring any kind of medication you are taking on to the tour. We are going down the Napali Coast which is very remote.

In the event of cancellation due to poor weather, how likely is itthat we would be able to reschedule?

Reschedules are commonly available, you can pencil-in a trip at the last minute if there is an opening.  We recommend for you to schedule the Kaulana Pali Kai Tour a little earlier in your trip to increase the chances of making the journey.

Cancelation Policy?

Cancellation must be done 24 hours before the Kaulana Pali Kai Tour with $10 booking fee per person (The $10 fee is not applicable for “bad weather cancellation”). Parties 3 or more have 72 hours to proceed cancellation.

What is your refund policy regarding the deposit?

No deposit will be taken. Only the credit card info will be held and charged 24 hours before the tour. You have 72 to 48 hours to cancel for tour price refund.You will need you to call# (808)-346-6853 to confirm the tour.

What is your cancellation policy in the event of bad weather?

In the event of of poor weather you may reschedule for another available tour within your kauai vacation, or get a full refund.

When it is time for tour departure, will I have trouble finding the boat?

Directions to the harbor and within the harbor are quite simple. You will likely be coming in from the East of Kekaha, and as you approach town you will see a sign for “Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor” on your left. Turn left into the harbor and go to the end of the road. Parking is available and boat launch is on your left. [Directions from the area of your departing destination will be in the confirmation email sent. Just incase you go site seeing or shopping before your tour, the directions and time length from North to West will be provided. There is no freeway so time length is estimated accordingly. Please arrive 10 minutes before check-in time.

Do you have translators for different languages?

We are proud to say that the Captains do understand and converse in different languages. Some of the crew members also converse in Polynesian languages and  English. *Our trainees do know the ocean and island referenced vocabulary in Hawaiian, various polynesian, Japaneses, Greek, Spanish, and French.

*Much Mahalos, Thanks to Malia’s Perfect Day Surf Camp Crew, Robbie French and The French Association of California

How long is each tour?

All tours are 5 hours.

What is the difference between the morning and afternoon Napali tour?

The morning and afternoon tour are the same, the only difference is that the morning tour is a little less windy, and afternoons are warmer. For photos, the afternoons provide great natural light for you vivid colored cliff shots. Both provide lunch and snorkeling. Please do not believe the myth that the afternoons are gusting winds or very hot. The myth that Islands Sweet Subtle Summer Season Tours (June- Sept) are like Whale Watching Winter Season Tours (Oct-Apri) are untrue. The afternoons in the Sweet Subtle Summer  is silmilar to their mornings with light to medium winds. Kaulana Pali Kai has a roof for shade covering. The hardtop roof has dual functionaliity for shade and play. The Whale Watching Winter  Season morning and afternoons may be a bit windy and we will welcome you on tour if the weather permits and under ocean advisory.[ See gallery photos submitted by guests. Thanks, to everyone who have submitted your wonderful adventure and shared photos with each other.]

What is the difference between a whale watching tour and the full 4 hour Napali Coast Tour?

A whale watching tour is seasonal. The waters of the Napali Coast house migrating humpback whales from the months of December to April. During one of these tours we’ll be out on the waters for 2.5 hours for the primary goal of finding and observing this magnificent creatures. If you happen to book a full tour during Kauai’s whale watching season, you’ll likely have the fortune of seeing a family of humpback whales during your passage to the various activities of a Napali Coast tour. One of the great benefits of these catamaran tours (especially if you and your family book a private tour) is that we can customize the tour based on the passenger’s interests. If the passengers want to spend a little extra time around the whales, that is exactly what you will get.

What if there is unavailable seats on Kaulana Pali Kai (Walkaround)? Do you have other options for availability? Can you refer us?

Don’t worry!! We don’t want you to fly all the waaaay out here, without seeing all sides of the island…because this experience is totally different than seeing it through helicopters. We provide rescheduling. We can provide you to the best reference possible, and also help make arrangements for your tours. Our reference is based on safety, comfort, hospitality…and of course, availability. Pilakai holds 8 ppl: Limits to 1- 6 passangers.We also would suggest Makana, that holds 19 people, but is limited to 10-12 passengers.  In our appreciation (“mahalos much”) for your feedback and questions so that we can provide you space for better enjoyment.  E oluolu e, (Please) use the contact form to inquire.

Will I get sea sick on the tour? 

If you have been on a boat and have got sea sick before, it’s a good idea to take a motion sickness pill at least 1 hour before the boat ride. If this is your first time on a boat, you may get motion sickness if the seas are rough. We can give you directions and info on where to get them for cheap or convience. We also have other tricks to avoid motion sickness that is not in pill form, but in physical awareness and food form.


Kamaʻaina for Hawaiʻi Residents

Due to the Hawaiʻi Kingdom and Hawaiʻi State Trust dual residency, we have built a system for you to provide in fairness THE KAMAʻAINA DISCOUNT RATE. You may not hold new residency to apply rate. For those who went to mainland, college and are on vacation Requirements are below.

The True Definition

Kamaʻaina: The definition of Kamaʻaina is of Native Endemic-born, one born in a place,

host; acquainted, familiar. Lit., Land child or “Child of the Land of which You are born.”

For Example:

Kaulana .pali .kai can welcome you. E .hoʻo.kama.ʻaina: “Make yourself at home.”

It is no different than being a NO TAX STATE, such as Oregon, USA. Residency Drivers License ID provides that you pay state taxes or labor for the community needs such as roads, regulating permits, state maintenance and such. In return the benefits of your residency and voting choice.

For example:

Our Napalimakai charter  “KaiNalu” is local, but not kama.ʻaina; he is hoʻo.kama.ʻaina. Our Kaulana Palikai Charter “PilaKai” is kamaʻaina. Both charter guides are both familiar with the Napali coast and share the same value as a host to our guest.

For Example:

Pomakaniokalani Shea is Born of Germany and returns to Hawaii as a toddler. Both his parents are of Hawaiian Born Decent and return of Hawaii. Pomakaniokalani is kamaʻaina.


Rate: Discount 10% (Royal Taxes of 7% + Discount 3%)

If you are a resident of Hawaiʻi Nei/ State you need to provide proof of:

  1. Hawaiʻi State  Drivers ID
  2. *Hawaiʻi Nei Drivers Licence ID for keiki children only (0-18 yo)
  3. Photo Copy Proof of Hawaiʻi Birth Certificate (DO please COMPLETELY BLACK OUT  ALL your legal information EXCEPT Hawaii Royal State Emblem, Name, Island of Birth and County of Birth).If you are not born of Hawaiʻi, but your parents are of Hawaiʻi Descent. Please provide that information.

 We DO NOT keep a copy of this information, it is only for your records of proof at the time of tour date. Please put it away for safe keeping before you board. This is for returning residents who are “home away from home.”

You may not hold new residency to apply rate. For those who went to the U.S.mainland and college students, please contact us for your family/group.

This fee is not in the intent to show prejudice or racial harm. It is a fair and legal way of providing the fee through out Hawaiʻi. This documentation provides a benefiting opportunity for the local community with no possibility of sharing the discounts with foreigners and visitors. Visitors have discounts when applied.

*Update: Dec 10,2010. Kaulana Pali Kai does recognize the Hawaiʻi Nei Drivers Licence ID; our captains all have Hawaiʻi Nei ID and are licensed drivers. But, Hawaiʻi Nei Drivers Licence ID is not recognized by Kaulana Pali Kai for Kamaʻaina at this time because there is no sure policy that you are a Kamaʻaina. Hawaiʻi Nei Drivers Licensee Cards are NEW and were issued with out having to be long – time residents or born of Hawaiʻi. Unless it is stated that you are a born citizen of Hawaiʻi with the equalized  time : date of birth and hawaii issue dated verification for more than 40 years.