Captain Kamu


Captain Kamu

Native Kauai’ian, Hawai’i Capt. Kamuela promises to provide a safe, fun, and adventurous outing based over 35 years of experience on the Napali Coast. Also very important, though, is that Kamuela and his family was born and raised on the Kauai Coast, which they spent most summers boating, rafting and hiking into – Nualolo Kai, Miloli’i Valley, Kalalau Valley, All of North shore & Hanalei Bay, Kauai. His family heritage brings with him the type of authentic Kaua’i knowledge and history that can greatly enhance not only your tour of the coast but also your entire stay on this island.

Capt. Kamuela and his family have put in years of traditional history restoring, preserving, conserving and education on the archaeological sites of the Napali coast without the need of non-profit organizations. It is part of the ethics of their Hawai’ian stewardship philosophies. You have come a long, long way to Kaua’i to see and learn some amazing things about this natural and secluded environmental monument that you can’t find on the world-wide web.  You will also share his families love of the water, whom are avid surfers, spear divers, traditional fishermen, shoreline gatherers, long-liners, kite surfers, canoe racing, biologist, culturalists, Polynesian sailors/ Modern sailors and scuba divers.

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Captain Malia

The Captain

Kapena Malia

Native Kauai’ian, Hawai’i Capt. Malia has  over 25 years of experience on the Napali Coast and other coastal waters. She  spent most summers boating and rafting into Nualolo Kai, Miloli’i Valley, hiked Kalalau Valley, and all of North shore & Hanalei Bay, Kauai. Her niche for memorizing authentic Kaua’i knowledge and history is an acquired skill need by Hawai’ian philosophies. “You need both feet and hands to do things out here. You can’t write while grappling a fish (at my size), paddling a surfboard or do anything with natures suprises. You’ll end up lost or building a new path, which can be a good thing.”

Through her travels off sea, she continues to return every year to help preserve traditional history, restoring, conserving and with her mentors through education. On the archaeological sites, she’s been through out the Polynesian and Pacific Islands giving a little of her helping hand.

She is one of the families avid surfers,  traditional fisher…err women, scuba/diver,  botanist, culturalists, modern sailing, Polynesian outrigger and sailor . If not there, she’s finding a spring or waterfall in the valleys of Kaua’i with her newborn Captain Zhaleb Temana Kaikoa Tamawailualanimotu.

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We are Proud Members and Stewards of the Community. Please join us in the efforts of preservation and education of Kaua’is island children. Our family crew conveys an urgent message of marine protection,  reconnecting our children of Kauaʻi with cultural heritage and raising awareness about contemporary threats to the ocean. Life out side traditional schools are learning tools, for big kids too…we just call it a vacation.

American Red Cross – Kauai – Disaster Preparation. 

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 Aquaculturehub – Learn. Share. Educate. We are all about aquaculture to preserve and conserve marine life

  Aerosol Art Association™ © Kauaʻi Boy brother and family brings awareness with eco-friendly creativities International

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Blue Planet Foundation – Energy, efficiency, conservation, preservation and sustainability

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Hostel International – There is no Hostel International on Kauai. We are members, so we support the hui (group.)

 Kanu Hawaii  – (To Plant ; Farmers Hawaii) Eat Local. Eat Healthy. Find local el natural restaurants, recipes, markets and farms.

 Kohola Leo – ( Whale Voice ) Be a voice for the whales. Our goal is to ensure their protection along with   the Ocean world in which they live and love.

 Napali Coast ‘Ohana – We help care for the coast we enjoy the most

Na Kalai Wa’a o Kauai – Crew members help build canoes

Nawiliwili Yacht Club 

 Nikon™ Photography – Nikon School of Photography Capture the spirit of Aloha

Pacific Voyaging Society

PADI™ Diving Society Kauai

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 Perfect Day Surf Camp – We collaborate awareness, community and ocean events for families

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