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Kauaʻi Kai Nalu

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Kauaʻi Kai Nalu Kauaʻi ʻs ocean inspires Malia and one of our older brothers, Caleb Aero, and his Aerosol Art Association. The murals are seen and made world wide. It is how we share the aloha (the breathe within), the power … Continue reading

Letter from Denise Lapenia


Aloha, Pumehana, The essence of the sea, softly as a spoken sound in the waves quietly expands the light of the heavens from seeing your delight of you knowing that the loving support of the sacred heart of the Alakai, and mother earth, is heard by you. Sounding to the essences of your spirits Aloha Mana, this, your mana of which comes forth is seen and felt, and comes through to the Spirits of Aloha, as Heaven’s Guardians. Mahalo nui loa, for your Aloha Mana! Aloha nui loa for being Heaven’s Guardians! Aloha, Pumenana, Aloha!!! ♥’s & :)))))

Palikai Prices and Fees

Kaulana Palikai Charters of Napali Kai, Kauai

Compare our charter prices

Price Accomodations on board include: Lunch and drinks, snorkel equipment, floatation devices, fresh water shower,  private restroom, amenities, and easy boat access ladder.

Limited to 6 passangers for your safety and comfort.
( Certified for 12 passangers)
Personable guided captain

$179 :  The Na Pali Kai Kauwela Adventure Tour 

Individual Person
Shared guided tour
Incredible snorkeling experience
Season: Sweet Summer
Departure: Morning and Afternoon
Max 5 Hours
Weather Permitting

$1014 : The  Kaulana Pali Kai Private Charter   

Single Private Charter Reservation for a party 1-6pp
Custom Tour-locations stops, longer at specific location, varies
Departure times vary from 7am-1pm
Max 5 Hours


$169 : The Hoʻoilo Kohola Tour

Individual Person
Shared guided tour
Season: Whale Watch 
Departure: Morning and Afternoon
Max 4 Hours
Weather Permitting 

$954 : The Moana Private Charter

Single Private Charter Reservation for a party of 1-6pp
 Season: Whale Watch 
Departure: Early Morning
Max 4 Hours
Weather Permitting 

$169 :  The Imiʻloa Kauwela Adventurer

5 -12 years old (with current school ID)
Individual Person
Season: Summer and Whale Watch 
Departure: Morning and Afternoon
Max 5 Hours

$99 : Keiki and Kamaliʻi Child Fee

4 years old
Individual Person
Season: Summer and Whale Watch 
Departure: Morning 
Max 5 Hours

Varies  : Full Day or Specialties 


Varies : Children Marine Programs


Fees: Hawaii Sales Tax 4.712%

Fees: Harbor and Dock Tax 3%


Credit Cards are Held for Verification.

Payments: Cash, Debit or Credit

Major Credit Cards accepted : Visa, Mastercard & American Express

See Boat Terms, Policy and Conditions for more information

Captain Kamu


Captain Kamu

Native Kauai’ian, Hawai’i Capt. Kamuela promises to provide a safe, fun, and adventurous outing based over 35 years of experience on the Napali Coast. Also very important, though, is that Kamuela and his family was born and raised on the Kauai Coast, which they spent most summers boating, rafting and hiking into – Nualolo Kai, Miloli’i Valley, Kalalau Valley, All of North shore & Hanalei Bay, Kauai. His family heritage brings with him the type of authentic Kaua’i knowledge and history that can greatly enhance not only your tour of the coast but also your entire stay on this island.

Capt. Kamuela and his family have put in years of traditional history restoring, preserving, conserving and education on the archaeological sites of the Napali coast without the need of non-profit organizations. It is part of the ethics of their Hawai’ian stewardship philosophies. You have come a long, long way to Kaua’i to see and learn some amazing things about this natural and secluded environmental monument that you can’t find on the world-wide web.  You will also share his families love of the water, whom are avid surfers, spear divers, traditional fishermen, shoreline gatherers, long-liners, kite surfers, canoe racing, biologist, culturalists, Polynesian sailors/ Modern sailors and scuba divers.

*When you book a tour through you are guaranteed to have Native Kaua’i guides.

*DA HUI- Captain and Crew can be seen on



How is the weather on Kauai?

Weather on Kauai can be rainy at times, that’s how we got the name Garden Island. The north east side of the island gets the most rain up to 150 inches of rain per year. The weather comes from the northeast. The average weather is northeast trade winds 10-25mph light morning and afternoon showers. The west side of the island is the drier side which gets about 15 inches of rain per year. We depart from the sunny, drier side of the island going to the Napali Coast. Going to Napali Coast from the Westside is also a lot calmer because the trade winds are blocked by the island.

We are world travelers, what about hitchhiking?

We have been asked before many times. We donʻt recommend it, if your not the resourceful type, you are far away from your location. We also donʻt recommend it, if you are going on the charter because we leave on time.  These days, hitchhiking is not done by many locals and vacationing visitors, but it is pretty safe and done more here by world traveling backpackers.

Where will the Kauai bus take me?

The bus does have a route which runs between Lihue and Kekaha. You can download the Kekaha Bus Schedule from… and also find the schedule of any connecting bus routes you need (for instance if you are in Hanalei you will need to take the Hanalei to Lihue bus and transfer at a shared stop). The “Old Kekeha Store” stop will take you slightly past the harbor but is not a very far walk. If you miss that stop you can jump off at the intersection of Elepaio road and Pueo road, but then you will be about a mile and a half away. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the bus driver what stop is nearest the harbor and they will likely point it out for you as you pass.

What if I am on the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)?


The NCL Cruise docks on Wednsday, where you will be able to hang out near the cruiseliner. You will be able to spend more time in the town of Lihue using the Kauaʻi Bus Shuttle provided to you, or the shuttles of other activities. You wonʻt get to sight see much unless you are on a guided tour. We suggest you rent a car or jeep to fit it in your 2 day schedule, especially if you want to see Kokeʻe State Park, Waimea Canyon, Kealia Beach Park, Polihale Beach Park, Hanalei Pier, Napali Coast or other waterfalls and secluded places. If you would like to know what areas are easy to find and access, or how to see certain areas, feel free to ask us. To see the Napali Coast up close and personal you would need to go by boat. Contact Us at Kaulana Palikai.

We at Kaulana Palikai, recommend the 1PM charter on Thursday. We will have all Thursday afternoon available as long as weather permits. In your submissions or questions please inform us that you are on the NCL. We would like to confirm you before your arrival to Kauai. You will not be confirmed until you have spoken with a staff member. All Thursday afternoon charter are 5 hours and leave at 1PM.

You can either take a taxi for $100 or rent a car for $25 ($300 safety deposit).


How can we get to the Kalalau Valley and on to the beach?

Na Pali Coast, Kauai

A Kaulana Pali Kai tour will take you past the Kalalau Valley and after witnessing the breathtaking views you may want to get a closer look. Part of why this area remains so beautiful is that it is not particularly easy to access. The closest road takes you to Ke’e beach at Haena State Park, which is the beginning of a challenging 11 mile hike into the valley. The fabled Kalalau Trail is not for everyone, but if you have it in you it is an amazing experience. It isn’t the kind of trip you can make on a whim, so do some research, apply for a camping permit (, pack light, and prepare for a once in a lifetime journey.

Why a boat tour?  What will be the highlight of the tour?

I believe this will be the highlight of your trip because you will get to see the island from the sea. The Ho’oilo aka Winter season is best for whale watching. All year long there are dolphins and turtles. You will have the ability to snorkel and sun-bathe during the tour. Enjoy the magnificent waterfalls from fresh water springs in person.

Thanks to Kauwela (Summer) most people would say that we are the land where it’s an Endless Summer.  The tour is where you can have a romance, hear legends, mystery, adventure, and explore the gift of water through rain, valley mountain springs, and the sea. You will learn the history of Hawai’i that books have tried to publish in the last decade.

“This Is Your Journey. Build Your Own Story.”~ Voyagers Traditional Proverb

“Cathedrals” Napali Coast, Kaua’i

Captain Malia

The Captain

Kapena Malia

Native Kauai’ian, Hawai’i Capt. Malia has  over 25 years of experience on the Napali Coast and other coastal waters. She  spent most summers boating and rafting into Nualolo Kai, Miloli’i Valley, hiked Kalalau Valley, and all of North shore & Hanalei Bay, Kauai. Her niche for memorizing authentic Kaua’i knowledge and history is an acquired skill need by Hawai’ian philosophies. “You need both feet and hands to do things out here. You can’t write while grappling a fish (at my size), paddling a surfboard or do anything with natures suprises. You’ll end up lost or building a new path, which can be a good thing.”

Through her travels off sea, she continues to return every year to help preserve traditional history, restoring, conserving and with her mentors through education. On the archaeological sites, she’s been through out the Polynesian and Pacific Islands giving a little of her helping hand.

She is one of the families avid surfers,  traditional fisher…err women, scuba/diver,  botanist, culturalists, modern sailing, Polynesian outrigger and sailor . If not there, she’s finding a spring or waterfall in the valleys of Kaua’i with her newborn Captain Zhaleb Temana Kaikoa Tamawailualanimotu.