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Disclaimer / Terms of Use

Disclaimer / Terms of Use

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Palikai Prices and Fees

Kaulana Palikai Charters of Napali Kai, Kauai

Compare our charter prices

Price Accomodations on board include: Lunch and drinks, snorkel equipment, floatation devices, fresh water shower,  private restroom, amenities, and easy boat access ladder.

Limited to 6 passangers for your safety and comfort.
( Certified for 12 passangers)
Personable guided captain

$179 :  The Na Pali Kai Kauwela Adventure Tour 

Individual Person
Shared guided tour
Incredible snorkeling experience
Season: Sweet Summer
Departure: Morning and Afternoon
Max 5 Hours
Weather Permitting

$1014 : The  Kaulana Pali Kai Private Charter   

Single Private Charter Reservation for a party 1-6pp
Custom Tour-locations stops, longer at specific location, varies
Departure times vary from 7am-1pm
Max 5 Hours


$169 : The Hoʻoilo Kohola Tour

Individual Person
Shared guided tour
Season: Whale Watch 
Departure: Morning and Afternoon
Max 4 Hours
Weather Permitting 

$954 : The Moana Private Charter

Single Private Charter Reservation for a party of 1-6pp
 Season: Whale Watch 
Departure: Early Morning
Max 4 Hours
Weather Permitting 

$169 :  The Imiʻloa Kauwela Adventurer

5 -12 years old (with current school ID)
Individual Person
Season: Summer and Whale Watch 
Departure: Morning and Afternoon
Max 5 Hours

$99 : Keiki and Kamaliʻi Child Fee

4 years old
Individual Person
Season: Summer and Whale Watch 
Departure: Morning 
Max 5 Hours

Varies  : Full Day or Specialties 


Varies : Children Marine Programs


Fees: Hawaii Sales Tax 4.712%

Fees: Harbor and Dock Tax 3%


Credit Cards are Held for Verification.

Payments: Cash, Debit or Credit

Major Credit Cards accepted : Visa, Mastercard & American Express

See Boat Terms, Policy and Conditions for more information

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Supporting Member and Contribution

We are Proud Members and Stewards of the Community. Please join us in the efforts of preservation and education of Kaua’is island children. Our family crew conveys an urgent message of marine protection,  reconnecting our children of Kauaʻi with cultural heritage and raising awareness about contemporary threats to the ocean. Life out side traditional schools are learning tools, for big kids too…we just call it a vacation.

American Red Cross – Kauai – Disaster Preparation. 

Contributors M. Shintani and D. Kanahele 

 Aquaculturehub – Learn. Share. Educate. We are all about aquaculture to preserve and conserve marine life

  Aerosol Art Association™ © Kauaʻi Boy brother and family brings awareness with eco-friendly creativities International

Backyard Operating Systems™ 

Blue Planet Foundation – Energy, efficiency, conservation, preservation and sustainability

Hawaiian Community Foundation 

Hawaii Tourism™ 

Hostel International – There is no Hostel International on Kauai. We are members, so we support the hui (group.)

 Kanu Hawaii  – (To Plant ; Farmers Hawaii) Eat Local. Eat Healthy. Find local el natural restaurants, recipes, markets and farms.

 Kohola Leo – ( Whale Voice ) Be a voice for the whales. Our goal is to ensure their protection along with   the Ocean world in which they live and love.

 Napali Coast ‘Ohana – We help care for the coast we enjoy the most

Na Kalai Wa’a o Kauai – Crew members help build canoes

Nawiliwili Yacht Club 

 Nikon™ Photography – Nikon School of Photography Capture the spirit of Aloha

Pacific Voyaging Society

PADI™ Diving Society Kauai

Partners In Development Foundation

 Perfect Day Surf Camp – We collaborate awareness, community and ocean events for families

 Protect Kahoʻolawe ‘Ohana – Our crew gives a hand to other islands

Polynesian Voyaging Society

  Waimea Alumni

Samʻs Hawaiʻian Catering– Keep it simple. Keep it .Kauai Keep it. Healthy.

Single Parent Travel

 Surfrider Foundation –Kauai Chapter

TEMANA-Hawaiʻian Water Movement™ est 1992

AMBER MALIAH- Chicks Who Rip™ est 1994

   University of Hawaii and Kauaʻi Community College – Research and Education on Kauaʻi

 UH ATOLL™ & COEXIST™ Aquaculture Training


Kamaʻaina for Hawaiʻi Residents

Due to the Hawaiʻi Kingdom and Hawaiʻi State Trust dual residency, we have built a system for you to provide in fairness THE KAMAʻAINA DISCOUNT RATE. You may not hold new residency to apply rate. For those who went to mainland, college and are on vacation Requirements are below.

The True Definition

Kamaʻaina: The definition of Kamaʻaina is of Native Endemic-born, one born in a place,

host; acquainted, familiar. Lit., Land child or “Child of the Land of which You are born.”

For Example:

Kaulana .pali .kai can welcome you. E .hoʻo.kama.ʻaina: “Make yourself at home.”

It is no different than being a NO TAX STATE, such as Oregon, USA. Residency Drivers License ID provides that you pay state taxes or labor for the community needs such as roads, regulating permits, state maintenance and such. In return the benefits of your residency and voting choice.

For example:

Our Napalimakai charter  “KaiNalu” is local, but not kama.ʻaina; he is hoʻo.kama.ʻaina. Our Kaulana Palikai Charter “PilaKai” is kamaʻaina. Both charter guides are both familiar with the Napali coast and share the same value as a host to our guest.

For Example:

Pomakaniokalani Shea is Born of Germany and returns to Hawaii as a toddler. Both his parents are of Hawaiian Born Decent and return of Hawaii. Pomakaniokalani is kamaʻaina.


Rate: Discount 10% (Royal Taxes of 7% + Discount 3%)

If you are a resident of Hawaiʻi Nei/ State you need to provide proof of:

  1. Hawaiʻi State  Drivers ID
  2. *Hawaiʻi Nei Drivers Licence ID for keiki children only (0-18 yo)
  3. Photo Copy Proof of Hawaiʻi Birth Certificate (DO please COMPLETELY BLACK OUT  ALL your legal information EXCEPT Hawaii Royal State Emblem, Name, Island of Birth and County of Birth).If you are not born of Hawaiʻi, but your parents are of Hawaiʻi Descent. Please provide that information.

 We DO NOT keep a copy of this information, it is only for your records of proof at the time of tour date. Please put it away for safe keeping before you board. This is for returning residents who are “home away from home.”

You may not hold new residency to apply rate. For those who went to the U.S.mainland and college students, please contact us for your family/group.

This fee is not in the intent to show prejudice or racial harm. It is a fair and legal way of providing the fee through out Hawaiʻi. This documentation provides a benefiting opportunity for the local community with no possibility of sharing the discounts with foreigners and visitors. Visitors have discounts when applied.

*Update: Dec 10,2010. Kaulana Pali Kai does recognize the Hawaiʻi Nei Drivers Licence ID; our captains all have Hawaiʻi Nei ID and are licensed drivers. But, Hawaiʻi Nei Drivers Licence ID is not recognized by Kaulana Pali Kai for Kamaʻaina at this time because there is no sure policy that you are a Kamaʻaina. Hawaiʻi Nei Drivers Licensee Cards are NEW and were issued with out having to be long – time residents or born of Hawaiʻi. Unless it is stated that you are a born citizen of Hawaiʻi with the equalized  time : date of birth and hawaii issue dated verification for more than 40 years.