Kohola Winter Whale Watching

We are the only private charter that focuses on Whale Watching and Research. You have the choice to avoid touring the coast and spend more time exploring whales and find out why and when they come to Kauai, Hawaii. You will be able to share the experience with a small group of people or just your family up close and personal.

The Hoʻoilo Kohola Tour $169 per person

Seasonal Winter Whale Watch

September thru April Seasonal

The Moana Private Charter is  $954 (option 1-6 people) per reservation

Seasonal Winter Whale Watch

September thru April Seasonal


Our mission is to be a voice for the whales. Our goal is to ensure their protection along with the Ocean world in which they live and love. Through education and public outreach we hope to generate care, compassion and action from the public to help protect the whales and their habitat.
These highly intelligent, conscious, sentient, and gentle beings are in need of help. Hawaii is unique in that we are the only state which is the mating and birthing grounds for the endangered North Pacific Humpback whales. Their habitat is facing many serious threats: including entanglement, Sonar and acoustic impacts, vessel strikes, chemical pollution, fishing by-catch, overfishing, ocean acidification, plastic garbage ingestion, reef destruction….  Together, we can turn this around.

We include educational brochures, speaker and fun fact sheets and stickers for kids to take home. 

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