How can we get to the Kalalau Valley and on to the beach?

Na Pali Coast, Kauai

A Kaulana Pali Kai tour will take you past the Kalalau Valley and after witnessing the breathtaking views you may want to get a closer look. Part of why this area remains so beautiful is that it is not particularly easy to access. The closest road takes you to Ke’e beach at Haena State Park, which is the beginning of a challenging 11 mile hike into the valley. The fabled Kalalau Trail is not for everyone, but if you have it in you it is an amazing experience. It isn’t the kind of trip you can make on a whim, so do some research, apply for a camping permit (, pack light, and prepare for a once in a lifetime journey.

Why a boat tour?  What will be the highlight of the tour?

I believe this will be the highlight of your trip because you will get to see the island from the sea. The Ho’oilo aka Winter season is best for whale watching. All year long there are dolphins and turtles. You will have the ability to snorkel and sun-bathe during the tour. Enjoy the magnificent waterfalls from fresh water springs in person.

Thanks to Kauwela (Summer) most people would say that we are the land where it’s an Endless Summer.  The tour is where you can have a romance, hear legends, mystery, adventure, and explore the gift of water through rain, valley mountain springs, and the sea. You will learn the history of Hawai’i that books have tried to publish in the last decade.

“This Is Your Journey. Build Your Own Story.”~ Voyagers Traditional Proverb

“Cathedrals” Napali Coast, Kaua’i

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