Captain Malia

The Captain

Kapena Malia

Native Kauai’ian, Hawai’i Capt. Malia has  over 25 years of experience on the Napali Coast and other coastal waters. She  spent most summers boating and rafting into Nualolo Kai, Miloli’i Valley, hiked Kalalau Valley, and all of North shore & Hanalei Bay, Kauai. Her niche for memorizing authentic Kaua’i knowledge and history is an acquired skill need by Hawai’ian philosophies. “You need both feet and hands to do things out here. You can’t write while grappling a fish (at my size), paddling a surfboard or do anything with natures suprises. You’ll end up lost or building a new path, which can be a good thing.”

Through her travels off sea, she continues to return every year to help preserve traditional history, restoring, conserving and with her mentors through education. On the archaeological sites, she’s been through out the Polynesian and Pacific Islands giving a little of her helping hand.

She is one of the families avid surfers,  traditional fisher…err women, scuba/diver,  botanist, culturalists, modern sailing, Polynesian outrigger and sailor . If not there, she’s finding a spring or waterfall in the valleys of Kaua’i with her newborn Captain Zhaleb Temana Kaikoa Tamawailualanimotu.


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