IMIʻLOA A KAMALIʻI -Children Info

Imi’ Loa The Explorer and The Kamali’i Children

We have a different price package set for Little Imi’Loa, ages 5 and under.

We are members of the Single Parent Travel Association, a destination that is truly kid and single parent friendly. We share the belief that travel is the greatest educator a child and parent deserves, don’t be afraid to ask for advice. We also strive to include an educational component in each trip. It might be experiencing a different culture or food, or learning about the history of a destination. The children can holoholo (play/explore) and learn at the same time! Minoaka (smiling) fun, adventurous, and exciting!

Our philosophies intentions are to help bring out the child in you, so for those who are parents, we hope to share this memory with you  and your children. For the single parents out there, please let us know, we will try to make sure our fun loving captains don’t play “Pirate” with all the children without helping you keep an extra eye on yours. We also understand how hard it is to make travel arragements, find where to go, and know what to do. Your children will have the benefit of sharing your FAMILY VACATION because it’s an OHANA thing, and holoholo through the adventure. Life is a free school, the cost listed are the boats expenses. *NO TEXT BOOKS ALLOWED, no board games, no papers/journals, kids can keep that in their cabins/rooms. We provide the visuals, text through voice, and the environment.

We provide services to accomodate our children.

  • Infant Safety and Children CPR Certified
  • Children’s Life Vest
  • Floatation Devices
  • Children Snorkels
  • Snacks & Water
  • Shade & Cushion Seating
  • Galley and Port – a – Potty
Guides: Please no running on deck. The vessel is in constant movement, so please keep an eye on the children. 


Captain Malia worked at different levels of educative fields outside the classroom; from accomodating caregiving for non-profit organize supporting parents; to Peer Educationg and Art& Sci for public middle and secondary schools; a Director for Aerosol Art Association,  a Director and Private Instructor for Perfect Day Surf Camp (2yo- 50+), which she brought the attention of the California Alliance Francaise de Los Angeles for Education.

She is training  with Polynesian Voyaging Society to teach the Pacific Voyaging Sailing Technique to children of all ages. She also has built the guideline operations for pregnancy, family and child safety for other private tour boats.

All of our family staffed on deck during her absences have children of their own. Captain Keith who’s love is his 13 grand children (6 mo -17 yo). The newest addition, our youngest crew member, Zhaleb Temana Kaikoa, occasionally  jumps on board Pila Kai with his Kupuna too (grandparent). As of this Spring 2012, they all share the Napali Imi’loa Traditions.

Journals: It’s an option if you want to take your books, we suggest it be kept at your room because of water issuse and it may cause motion sickness, waterproof camera’s are your best bet. Please let the captain and crew know if you(r) kama (child) is writing a journal, drawing a photo or filming a documentary for class. Pila Kai Crewmembers can help you fill that creative block.


One for the family of course, one for the parent, and one for the child.