Kalalau RainbowJoin Kaua’i’s KAULANA PALI KAI  Boat Charter

– The Beautiful Ocean Coast –

 Est. 1998 

“Sharing the Historical Adventure & Majestic Ocean Coasts.”

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Owned & operated  by Native Hawaiʻians. Kaulana Pali Kaiʻs captains have  been traveling the Napali Kai of Kauai by foot and sea for over 45 years. The private boat charter, Kaulana Pali Kai, will share with you the historical family legends, eco- friendly facts, hidden sea caves, waterfalls, encounter marine wild life and snorkel at the best locations on this breathe taking coastal waters of Kauai. (weather conditions permitting).

Ideal for families and small groups.  Limited to 6 passengers for your best comfort and experience.